Monday, October 24, 2005

This week at the ACS

Hi friends!

We have a lot of great events coming up--check out the list below! As always, send your comments and suggestions to Mary Kelly at mp2331. See you soon!

Get blogging!

Andy’s done redesigning the ACS blog. Check it out at, and watch your email inbox for opportunities for YOUR blog entry to get published!

Walter Dellinger to speak on the Rehnquist Court, Nov. 2, 6:00 pm

On November 2, Columbia ACS is sponsoring a talk by Walter Dellinger on “The Rehnquist Court in Retrospect.” Dellinger is the Douglas B. Maggs Professor of Law at Duke University. He served as acting Solicitor General for the 1996-97 Term of the Supreme Court. Dellinger argued nine cases before the Court, including cases dealing with physician assisted suicide, the line item veto, the cable television act, the Brady Act, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the constitutionality of remedial services for parochial school children. Mark your calendar! Thomas, tch2105, or Mary Kelly, mp2331, for more information.

Intelligent Design debate, Nov. 2, during lunch

We’re cosponsoring a lunchtime debate on the theory of Intelligent Design with the Libertarians and Federalists at lunch on November 2 (location TBA). Come have lunch with your ACS friends and listen to a fascinating debate on the newest phase of the church and state debate, currently the subject of a case in Pennsylvania federal court. Contact Thomas, tch2105, or Suehiko, sdo7, for more information.

Road Trip! to the Leadership Conference at Harvard, Nov. 11-13

Yeehaw! The American Constitution Society is saddling up for Boston and the first-ever ACS Student Leadership Conference at Harvard on Saturday November 12. Take the weekend to meet student activists from around the region, get to know your fellow Columbia Law students, and discuss the future of ACS and projects like the Constitution in the 21st Century Project with National staff. Please e-mail Jon Sherman at js2842 if you're interested in joining us.

Writing competition: winner gets published!

OVERVIEW: The University of Pennsylvania Law School Chapter of the American Constitution Society will serve as host to the second annual legal writing competition for law students nationwide. This year’s theme is Addressing Inequality: Moving Toward a More Just Society. Papers will be judged on their effective use, analysis, and/or expansion of progressive legal scholarship. This year’s judging committee will include federal court judges and leading academics. The student authors of the top three papers will receive special recognition at the ACS National Convention and a cash prize for their work. The top paper will receive an offer of publication in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law. The deadline is Friday, February 3, 2006.

For more information, you can access the writing competition website from Questions? Email Mary Kelly, mp2331.

Next general meeting, Nov. 1 at lunch

Our next general meeting will be at lunch on Tuesday, November 1. Watch your email for the location. Lunch provided as always, and remember to bring a friend!


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