Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Blog Remains the Same

Hey All,

I wanted to throw up a quick end-of-semester post for a few reasons. First, an immense debt of gratitude is owed to our outgoing ACS Media Chair, the incomparable Andy Bradley. Andy's management of this blog and endless energy and optimism have created a truly remarkable space for discussion and reflection and a world-class student blog.

Next, I wanted to point everyone to an instance of Columbia ACS in the news. Check out the article in the New York Sun and on Above the Law. Our very own ACS member Tim Abbott is quoted in The Sun discussing the offer of a faculty position to Matthew Waxman, a very well-credentialed and highly regarded official in the Bush State Department.

Finally, I invite you all to continue the wonderful dialogue housed on this blog throughout your summer exploits. Please feel free to blog about your experiences or any thoughts you may have in the coming months. Also, if you have any thoughts or suggestions for improving the blog, please don't hesitate to let me know. As next year's Media Chair, it is my sincere hope that this site will continue to be the "intellectual drumbeat" (as Andy likes to say) for the Columbia ACS community. With your help, I think we can do just that.

Good luck to all on finals and have a great summer. See you in the Fall.

Your Friendly Neighborhood ACS Media Chair,

Rob Weinstock



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