Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Columbia Law School, ACS, to Lose Adviser, Scholar

Renowned CLS Professor and ACS Chapter Adviser Michael Dorf has recently confirmed on his own blog Dorf On Law, that he, his wife and colleague Sherry Colb, and a "mysterious 'third senior scholar'" will be leaving the cozy confines of Morningside Heights for Ithaca, N.Y. and Cornell's Law School.

While I never had the pleasure of studying with either Professors Dorf or Colb, my peers have spoken effusively with regard to their academic prowess and personal grace. I do know first-hand how instrumental Professor Dorf has been to the development of the Columbia Chapter of ACS. Our ACS chapter would like to thank Professor Dorf for his unfailing guidance and support, and on behalf of the entire ACS community, I wish Professors Dorf and Colb the best of luck. Equally, I feel obliged to express out communal lament at the departure of such cornerstones of the CLS intellectual community.

Thanks to our departing teachers and advisers. And to Cornell: You're Welcome.


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