Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Candidate Statement: Zahra Egal

As an incoming 1L I was looking for an organization that would allow me to continue pursuing my longstanding interest in progressive politics and civil rights. More importantly, I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about social justice in the law. ACS fit the picture.

This year, I was impressed with the regular lectures, debates, blog activity and social events sponsored by ACS. The energy, enthusiasm and hospitality of the organization’s members helped make the law school a comfortable and inviting place for me.

I am running for the board because I have developed a strong commitment ACS over the school year. I attended nearly every event sponsored by the organization and served as logistics coordinator on the Moot Court Committee.

In my role on the Moot Court Committee, I developed an understanding of operations management, programming, finances and law school administration. I also arranged social events for the competition weekend, had regular contact with ACS National and developed close working relationships with other members of the committee through our weekly meetings. I believe all of these experiences would make me a good candidate for the ACS Board.

Moreover, I think that I can offer new ideas and approaches that would make me an asset to the organization. Although I was impressed with this year’s programming and events, I think there are clear areas where ACS can improve.

I believe that ACS should devote one meeting each month to a teach-in and discussion on a topic in constitutional law. As a 1L member, I would have appreciated more educational programming and believe that teaching meetings could make the organization’s members, as well as the law school community, more informed about developments in constitutional law. Such programming may also bolster our membership numbers.

I also believe that the mentorship program could be improved. Although I understand that there was a concerted effort this year, I think we could benefit from tapping into existing mentorship and alumni networks, such as the public interest community, to improve the process. Inviting practicing attorneys and judges to campus events and an increased focus on publicity could also achieve this result.

The position that I am most interested in is Vice President. Based on the project description, I have had experience with virtually all of the Vice President through my role on the Moot Court Committee. Similarly, my work as logistics coordinator and close work with the finance chair would make me a good candidate for finance and external relations chair if I am unable to serve as Vice President.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that what I don’t know I am willing and excited to learn. I look forward to the opportunity to serve ACS members.


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