Monday, March 28, 2005


The ACS Board Elections are Tomorrow (Tuesday!) at lunch. Please come out
to vote and support our wonderful group of candidates. Of course, I have
yet to hear back from student services about our room reservation, but I put
in for JG 101, so lets plan on meeting there at 12:20.

Candidate Statements are below.

Here are the candidates in the order the Elections will be held:

President- Mary Kelly Persyn
Vice President, Membership Development: Whitney Russell, Jenny Bell
Vice President, Practitioner Relations: Keith Bradley, April Day, Aaron
Liederman, Nick Napolitan, Thomas Harding
Vice President, Special Initiatives: Suehiko Ono
Treasurer: Jenny Bell
Secretary: April Day
Debate Chair: Thomas Harding
Blog/Webmaster: Open, nominations will be taken from the floor.
3L Rep: Mike Newman, Liz Aloi

Candidates in contested elections will make brief statements and nominations
will be taken from the floor if need be. Candidates will also be able to
"drop down" to other positions. There was some shifting of positions folks
are running for over the weekend in order to maximize representation on the
board. Above are the positions that individuals have expressed interest in
and not necessarily the position the candidate statement reflects.

Anyone who has self-identified as being as ACS member by paying dues and/or
attending events this year will be eligible to vote and ballots for
contested elections will be secret.


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