Monday, February 04, 2008


2/4 - 2/7

MONDAY February 4
222nd Annual Constitutional Law Mixer
Come join all of this spring's Constitutional Law professors and the 1L class for good food, drinks, and a toast to the founding fathers.
Co-sponsored by the Federalist Society.
Drinks and food served.
4:15 PM; JG Annex

TUESDAY February 5
Super Tuesday Watching Party @ 1020
Super Tuesday may very well mark the climax of this very exciting and important presidential primary season. Join the Law School's political groups in watching the results come in from 22 states, including New York.
Free Open Bar & Food
7:30 PM; 1020 (the bar), 110th & Amsterdam

WEDNESDAY February 6
The Wu'Tierney Factor II: Super Tuesday Recap
Campaign veterans David Gringer (3L) and Steve Nadel (2L) and Professor Nate Persily will join Professors Tierney and Wu in reviewing the results of Super Tuesday and assessing the state of both races.
Co-sponsored by the Federalist Society.
Lunch Served.
12:15 PM; JG 105

THURSDAY February 7
1L Planning Committee First Meeting
Members of the Committee will have the opportunity to work with the ACS Board on developing and running new events, choosing bars for happy hours and quizzo, and much more. The Committee is open to everyone, the time committment will be flexible. We encourage you all to come to our first meeting this Thursday and get involved!
Drinks and Snacks Served.
4:15 PM; WJH 304


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