Saturday, March 31, 2007

Candidate Statement: Rob Weinstock

Position: Media Chair

I would like to serve as the 2007-2008 ACS Media Chair. This year, I worked as one of the two assistants to Andy Bradley (the current Media Chair) and have greatly enjoyed helping to sustain and develop the electronic forum for the ACS community at Columbia and beyond. Serving as a non-board officer and on the 1L committee this year has given me an excellent sense of our organizational purpose and workings, and of the proper role for the blog within ACS. Before coming to law school, I co-founded a public policy discussion website, and, compounded by my work on the ACS blog this year, I have a deep and demonstrated commitment and understanding of using the internet as a communicative tool for progressive ideas and policies. The ACS blog is important as the intellectual back-beat (to borrow a phrase), constantly reminding us all to be engaged, reflective, and critical about our legal education and the legal profession which we will inherit. In the coming year, I hope to continue the steady and high-quality stream of content on the ACS blog and further integrate it into the social, academic, and operational work done by ACS.


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