Friday, April 14, 2006

Monday! Capitol Hill Staffers on Careers on the Hill and the Judicial Nomination Process

Social Justice Initiatives' Government Speaker Series

Monday, April 17
Jerome Greene 102
4-5 P.M. & 5-7 P.M.

Senior lawyer staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee from both sides of the aisle will be at Columbia on April 17th for two programs.

Preet Bharara – Senator Schumer (D, NY)
Helaine Greenfeld – Senator Leahy (D, VT)
Pete Jensen – Senator Spector (R, PA)
Jonathan Meyer – Senator Biden (D, DE)
Ajit Pai - Senator Brownback (R, KS)

Careers on the Hill
4-5 P.M.
Curious about what Congressional staffers do?
Interested in a summer or postgrad job?
This panel will provide answers to your questions.
Moderated by Dean Ellen Chapnick

Roundtable on the Federal Judicial Confirmation Process
5-7 P.M.
A thoughtful bipartisan exploration of the various needs served by the Constitutionally mandated procedure for appointing and confirming federal judges, the current process and alternatives that might be more useful and appropriate.
Moderated by Professor Gillian Metzger.

Co-Sponsered By
the Center for Public Interest Law,
the Columbia Chapter of the American Constitutional Society,
and the Columbia Chapter of the Federalist Society.

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