Saturday, March 31, 2007

Candidate Statement: Yafang Deng

Position: Finance Chair

Media Chair Statement:
At Columbia, ACS is recognized as hosting the most events throughout the year, and also for maintaining one of the only active student group blogs. After attending many ACS events, I decided to get more involved in the group by joining the media/events committee and later the 1L planning committee. I was interested in contributing to the ACS blog but could never seem to commit to actually writing a post. It wasn’t until second semester when the chance to attend a HLS conference motivated me to write two posts in reaction to the conference and the related CLS panel that I attended. As Media Chair, I want to connect the online aspects of ACS more closely with the rest of ACS. My goal would be to have an online event calendar with event info on the website linked to blog posts reacting to the events. Event posts would provide readymade content for the blog, helping to maintain the consistency of posts and encouraging more ACS members, especially 1Ls, to contribute.

Finance Chair Statement:
The Columbia Chapter of ACS stands out for the level and variety of activities it organizes at the law school throughout the year. I became interested in ACS as a 1L after attending many events, and I would like to help maintain the quantity and quality of events next year. Without funding from the student senate and from ACS national, none of this would be possible. As someone who is organized and detail-oriented, I would work to ensure that all funding requests and reimbursements are submitted in a timely manner, keeping the group running smoothly.


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